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о новом маккартизме

Originally posted by herr_0berst at о новом маккартизме

This country is going straight to hell!
-- Colonel Frank Fitts in "American Beauty" (1999)

Вот такое вот замечательное письмо получил только что от рекрутера по каналу рассылки вакансий по профессии:

изображение прилагалось
Hi Alex,

I have been deeply disturbed by this Putin political capture and the preponderance of hateful propaganda permeating Linkedin. I ask you in the name of Democracy please join the International Fancy Eagles counter-propaganda group. My goal is to create a centralized resource for Intelligence to see the propagandist profiles and posts on Linkedin in hopes that Linkedin will pull their heads out of their asses and take them down. Freedom of speech is one thing. Freedom of allowing Putin to poison our social media and comment sections with propagandist hate is a whole other evil animal. Join us!

"Скажите пожалуйста, у вас нет другого глобуса?"™

Непосредственно со странички вышезаявленной группы на LinkedIn:


Hello Linkedin,

I am forming a Linkedin brigade. A group of online enlightened, highly intelligent, right brained Inglourious Basterds if you will. If you would like to join and scalp Kremlin Gremlins and their Useful Idiot Spies with words, please let me know, I will add you to my digital battalion. There is a psychological war being fought and it can be really fun! There's no time commitment at all and no one's forcing you, to say anything...

In the name of Democracy.

Thanks! :)

We always need left brains as well! Let's put online hate in a box with a button. I am looking for software developers and analytics pros to build a hate filter.


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