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ох тяжко, граждане!

 Год назад я писала, что скоро спецов в ядерной энергетике они будут в маршрутках нанимать и как  в воду смотрела! Вчера получаю по рассылке из какой-то рекрутерской говно конторы от рекрутера с индийски именем следующее предложение:

Hello ,

I found an old resume of yours online and wanted to discuss a position with you if you are interested. Please review the following job description and let me know if you would like to discuss this opportunity or any others.

Title: Project Manager

Location: San Clemente, CA

Duration: 12 months

Job Description

2 supplemental workers (PM & an Asst PM) to support the Decommissioning and Dismantlement team on work associated with the Decommissioning Operations Contract (DOC). Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities - Provide liaison between the DOC Project Team, SCE Senior Management, and SCE Corporate Legal and Environmental. In this role the PM will assist in the development of the DOC Specification, T&C's and Instruction to bidders. PM will be a DOC Team member to assist in Development of the RFP for the DOC Contract. Provide input on the RFP submittals from the potential DOC Contractors and will be a member of the negotiating team for the down selected DOC Contractor. Experience is decommissioning and contract negotiations is required.


Start Date: Approximately 10/13/14 Billable Per Diem: approved Expenses: Mobilization/demobilization up to $1000 approved each Home Travel: Up to $750 per month approved every 30 days for 1 trip home every 30 days. **IDEAL CANDIDATES WILL HAVE PREV NUCLEAR EXPERIENCE (Ideally Decommissioning experience); PROJECT MGT EXPER. - MANAGING LARGER PROJECTS; STRONG CONTRACTS NEGOTIATION EXPERIENCE.

Volt is an equal opportunity employer”

Best Regards,

Arash Salahshour

Technical Recruiter

Речь идет о закрытии единственной в Калифорнии атомной электростанции в Сан Клементе. Ад и Израиль, натурально!


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