annbeaker (annbeaker) wrote,

а вот это интересно. Этим рейсом летело много делегатов направлявшихся на конференцию по СПИДу researchers, health workers and activists were on their way to the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne. Among the victims planning to attend was Dutch national Joep Lange, a top AIDS researcher and former International AIDS Society president. Briton Glenn Thomas, a spokesperson for the World Health Organization and a former BBC journalist, was also on flight MH17.

The International AIDS Society expressed sadness over the news that its colleagues were on the Malaysian jetliner.

Жоп Ланж - ведущий исследователь вируса ВИЧ и бывший президент международного общества борьбы со СПИДом. Гленн Томас - представитель ВОЗ. Международное общество борьбы со СПИДом выражает свою печаль в связи с потерей коллег.


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