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новое слово в деле нигерийских принцев - Michael Raynor - американский посланик
Embassy of the United States of America
Rue Caporal Bernard Anani St
01BP 2012 Cotonou Benin

This is Michael Raynor, the USA Ambassador to Benin Republic . I am writing to bring to your notice about the death of Muammar Gaddafi of Libya who was killed in his home country Libya on the 20th day of October 2011, you may be aware of this news.

Muammar Gaddafi was a very close friend of mine that he often visited me When I was in Namibia, and Zimbabwe at the US Embassies when he was alive.
Gaddafi was the world richest President as recorded. He deposited the sum of US$27.7M in one of the Finance firms here in Benin for safe keep . His family does not know about this except me because of our close relationship when he was living . Therefore because of my position as the Ambassador to my country USA in Benin, I cannot go for a claim moreover as newly appointed in Benin here.

I am therefore writing to present you as the claimant to the fund at the Finance firm , for charity purpose to the less privileged in your country and some other countries around you. Some portion of the Fund US$27.7m will go to you for a job well done / commitment, as you receive it , while some portion of it will be distributed to the less privileged in your country and beyond by you which is my main aim of contacting you, I will direct you when it is time. Its a very simple arrangement under your care.

If this proposal suits you, get back to me via this private email address: for further instructions and guides.

Kindly send to me the following information

1. Your full names
2. Your telephone and mobile numbers
3. Your Occupation

As proof, once we establish great trust, i will send you an email from my official email address. If it does not suit you , kindly neglect it and delete completely from your computer system.

The transaction would be done completely to your favour with my directives While awaiting your response .

Michael Raynor
USA Ambassador
Benin Republic

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