annbeaker (annbeaker) wrote,

а причем тут Молекулярная Биология?

Там про молекулы  исключительно в плане их пользы при убойности и пробивательности, а биология так и вобще рядом не валялась.

Вся просто заинтригована.


Department: Department Of The Navy

Agency: Naval Sea Systems Command

Job Announcement Number: 0401M-11-PR-DEU



$60,765.00 - $115,742.00 /year

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

You will be evaluated to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications required.

Applicants with professional experience in one of the following knowledge areas are strongly recommended, but not required, to specifically address that knowledge area in a cover letter. If describing these knowledge areas, give examples and explain the complexity of the work, the level of people interacted with and the sensitivity of the issues handled.

Knowledge areas:

1. Knowledge of surface launched weapons systems, ship self defense, underwater weapons, mines and amphibious warfare.

2. Knowledge of strategic and strike warfare systems.


. Knowledge of sensor systems, electromagnetic systems and electromagnetic mission assurance.

4. Knowledge of surface ship combat systems architecture development, systems engineering, war fighting assessment, combat systems, battle group interoperability or force systems architecture.

5. Knowledge of infrastructure vulnerability, chem-bio defense systems and asymmetric weapons.

Applicants will be continuously referred as vacancies occur. Resumes will expire six months from the date of receipt.


  • Грабежи продолжаются...

    Утро началось с большого митинга в Санта Монике после чего толпа приступила к грабежам. Даже ночи решили не ждать.

  • ...

  • "Эх, как тебя от политики то штырит!"

    Этот коментарий я услышала после того как поделилась со своей знакомой вот этой новостью. Компания Амазон Джефа Безоса на сегодня является самым…

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